Ambassadeur Everlasting

I knew that there would be more tourist in Burma than our last visit two years ago, and we had seen a few in Mingun, and Ava, but nothing had prepared me for the hordes that I saw at U Bein bridge.... Lees meer

How is Bangladesh, you may ask? Leaving for our next destination is also an early start, our train leaves at 06:30. There is no one awake when we leave the hotel and the gates are locked. We need t... Lees meer

I asked the question most recently in my upload of the waiting rickshaw drivers, but I had asked it before........... It happens often, you arrive in a town, take the first rickshaw driver to the h... Lees meer

15 Kms. buiten Mawlamyine ligt het grootste liggend Boeddhabeeld ter wereld. Wij waren in Mawlamyine voor een paar dagen en het lijkt ons een leuke middag excursie, en ook omdat het in de heuvels lig... Lees meer

It was mid-October, we had just spent our first half-year living in a village close to Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, India. It was harvest time and there was lots of work to do, getting in the crops and... Lees meer