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The mystery of the lake

Sierra Centraal,

We are above Lake Ozogoche which sits at 4000m and is sacred to the local people and holds a mystery. Each year in late august/September migrating Plover birds seemingly “commit suicide” by diving into the icy waters.

The scientific theory is that the birds that “commit suicide” by diving into the lake are older and weaker Plovers that are so tired from their migratory journey they fall to their death after hitting a change of air pressure above it. However the Quichua (local) myth which is much more interesting says that many years ago when the birds reached the “Sacred Tribute” (the Ozogoche Lakes) they were accompanied by fog and rain as well as thunder and lightning and a cold wind in the mountains so strong that it howled like wolves scaring the indigenous god-devil Supay into running away. Then suddenly thousands of Plover birds began falling from the sky crying a distinctive song of pain until they hit the freezing waters of the Ozogoche lakes in a mysterious, ancient, and cosmic tribute which they continue to do to this day.