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Camps Bay beach


Camps Bay is a suburb of Cape Town.
This picture is taken in the high season, just before christmas, when it attracts a large number of foreign visitors as well as South Africans looking for a beach holiday.
Camps Bay Beach,is the largest white sand beach in Camps Bay in Cape Town.

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    Door Bdines• geplaatst op 01 Feb 2011 | 19:42:38

    So was I ;) Photo was made on December 20th

    Bericht aangepast op 10:26:28
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    Door Pddenooijer• geplaatst op 01 Feb 2011 | 19:31:22

    Oh wow, i was there last summer. Get homesick when i see this picture. Very nice, 5*

    Bericht aangepast op 03:02:10