Beste reistijd



History of our times


I don't think this needs a note, 30 years ago today the Berlin Wall was torn down and sparked hopes for East Germans.
The afternoon before we, Keith and I had been watching the events on TV and by late afternoon it was clear this was a moment in (our) history unfolding before our eyes. I remember saying, I would love to be there to feel this energy, people power, and Keith agreed. He call a good friend and within no time they had loaded the car and were on their way to Berlin leaving me to follow the vents on TV with three young children.
They arrived at the Wall to see the first East Germans walking through. The streets were tense with emotion and jubilation, people of East and West Berlin drank and danced in the streets, together for the first time in nearly three decades, celebrating the new dawn.
this image was taken a couple of weeks in at the East Side Gallery, where the last remaining piece of the Wall stands as an artwork and as a constant reminder of this city's history.