A border day: Malawi-Tanzania

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I had a good night sleep, thanks to Matthews, who brought me a fan... Hallelujah!!! I had almost put my Mattress outside... it was just too hot in the room. I had to go to the bank to change my precious dollars; the ATM in Mzuzu didn’t work so I figured I’d draw some from an ATM in Karonga to pay for my accommodation and transport to the border. Unfortunately the ATM’s in Karonga are not accepting Master or Cirrus. Got a lift from a polite Lilongwe Gentleman, who drove to my accommodation, then with my bags to Beachchambers where we had breakfast and then to the bus depot. He actually wanted to drop me off at the border, but had an appointment he couldn’t miss. Took a shared taxi from there to the border and it’s border-hassle (moneychangers, transport, sad story’s...the usual). They gave me a transit Visa for 13 days...normally 7...so I can actually stay a little longer if I want to. Changed money at the Tanzanian side at a little office and walked all the way up to the minibus with Stanley, who helped me carry my chair. The minibus was ready to leave...yeay!!! no waiting there. The trip went well, we arrived around 16.30...but not at the main bus station like they promised..pfff.. I had to take a taxi or minibus to the station from outside the city. I got off the bus and before I knew it my bag was already in the hands of one, while I was questioning someone else. Just wanted to know how much it would cost to go with a taxi to town, and before I know it this taxidriver tries to jerk my chair out off my hands, while I was still following my bag and shouting to the man holding it he had to bring it back, The taxidriver still jerking at my chair and kept saying, “yes, yes, just come with me, I get you there”. I:”how much?” he: “don’t worry” I: “ how Much?” He jerking again: “don’t worry” In the meanwhile I got hold on my big bag and got almost violent whit this don’t-worry men, jerked the chair with force out of his hand (he almost felt), hissed F..k off and turned around to the minibus I just got out...boiling... This is definitely something I hate about travelling, the hassle always. The driver told me to get in and he said he would make sure I got on a minibus or taxi to town, without hassle. And he did.. a minibus for 250 Tsch. Unfortunately I arrived too late for the post office, so the chair has to wait till DAR to be send, but that is Ok. I decided to treat myself on a good and clean accommodation and continued that in my bus ride to Dar Es Salaam for the next day... an air-conditioned bus!!!! Wow, what a joy!!!
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    Hi Mireille, dank voor je leuke reacties op mijn foto's en mijn blog berichtjes. En inderdaad...soms is het reizen niet echt leuk...Grensovergangen zijn meestal heel hard werken! maar geeft toch ook wel weer voldoening als je het weer achter de rug hebt. Dan kan je er hartelijk om lachen.

    Door nanineheshusius • geplaatst op 2011-01-13 15:46:25
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    dit klinkt niet echt als leuk reizen....

    Door Mireille • geplaatst op 2011-01-13 14:20:33

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