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Beste reizigers! Een tijdje geleden heb ik samen met 2 vrienden het idee gehad om "iets" te starten in de "adventure travel" business. Dit betekende dat we veel onderzoek hebben gedaan naar verschillende aspecten van het reizen: wat, hoe, wanneer en waarom? We zijn nu tot een nieuw concept gekomen waarbij het sharen van ervaringen tussen vrienden centraal staat. Zouden jullie hiervoor de volgende vragenlijst willen invullen? het zou mij heel erg helpen! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEltdWFuX24wckc1QURHX2todGxlRXc6MQ Het volgende stuk legt ons concept uit maar wordt ook uitgelegd in de survey Read this carefully! Together with 2 friends I am preparing a concept that makes it possible for travellers to keep in touch with their "laggards" during their travelling time in a fun, crazy and efficient way. I want to ask you to read the following text carefully, because it explains the concept, after or while you read you can watch this movie and then I want to ask some questions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR5bCw8hXRk (COPY PASTE in your browser, sorry for the inconvenience) We are providing a platform to build your journey together with your friends and family. Most people see friends (and friends from friends) as a reliable source of information for their journey. But much of this information is lost or forgotten. The platform gives the opportunity to use your friends information and also include your friends in your trip. In this way the connection between the laggards and the traveller are kept and the "after-travelling" experience is more fun while sharing the same experiences. This will be an app for your Smartphone as well as a Facebook-application. The way it works is that: First, you tell people where you're going, for example: I am going to Nepal. Your friends can react upon this by providing you suggestions for your trip. These suggestions are one of three types: BET, RECOMMEND and REWARD. · BETS are fun challenges. For example: I bet you eat 7 grasshoppers, when you do I'll buy a beer for you (as a REWARD). · RECOMMENDS are recommendations where/how/when to go. This is how your journey plan. · REWARDS provide people the opportunity to be INVOLVED in your journey. For example: your parents give you a night in a hotel and your friend gives you a cocktail in a bar. BETS, RECOMMENDS, and REWARDS can also be provided by our company’s PARTNERS in specific location, such as restaurants, travel hotels, and adventure tour guides. PREPARATION The buildingblocks you receive come back to you and can be arranged in your own travel-planner. These building blocks can be re-arranged in your own travel-planner, which can be a daily planner or just a bucket-list of things-to-do, you can decide! DURING During your Journey you can use the information you’ve stored before (or during) your trip and capture the things you did. When you perform a building-block that you received you can capture it by uploading a photo or video and it will be send directly to your friend. When you did a bet, the present will be sent to you when your friends approved. AFTER Do you also have a "cold turkey": after travelling? It is good to be home but it's hard to tell all your stories over and over again. After your journey, all the adventures you captured are shown in your overview of your Journey. You can use this overview to share your story with your friends and family. the buildingblocks can be your main plot line of your story, print it out as a booklet or place it on your facebook wall. In order to show you what we are thinking about we made a small movie about the concept in an app-form, please look at this before starting the survey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR5bCw8hXRk Hieropvolgend zal ik de vorderingen posten en natuurlijk de integratie van het columbusplatform in ons achterhoofd houden. Alvast heel erg bedankt! Carien de Heus
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    omdat mijn team internationaal is. excuses hiervoor

    Door cariendeheus • geplaatst op 2012-04-10 07:52:45
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    Waarom in het Engels?

    Door gorke • geplaatst op 2012-04-09 20:50:09

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