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Our yourny started with a lot of trouble. By making flightreservations somthing had gone wrong . We went from Amsterdam to a city in th us where we had a transit to Costa rica.
About 20 minutes before the plaine would go we realised that we hed a ticket to San Jose in Norht america instead of Costa Rica, So Wath to do?
We rushed to the servicestation where a very competent lady within ten minutes another flight arranged for us and made sure ouer luggage went to the right plain. Althougt thats wath we thougt. When we araavid in costa rica mij bag onfortunaty had made another trip en went to The us.
Again ther was the service and two days after we arrived They brought my bag to the hotel where we had left
We were able to get it ourselves because we had a fly and drive and where still in the same city.

Than opening my bag the shampoobottle had been leeking o dear.

So that was the start

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