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Hey ya all! I am doubting to go out tonight because I am already going to Hanzhou tomorrow with an English speaking tourguide and paid for here a lot of money -400 juan- so I am having now a beer and then I will go the bed instead. Still 2 nights maybe so I will be okay! And Hanyou is worth it they tell me, so maybe I have to do some concenses...sacrivises. I am getting crazy about the fact M. Jackson died. Now there is some playing of his movie in my hostel and I saw 'him' performing in Beijing; isn't it a crazy world? I hope my English friends will react now; where are you guys? Are you even reading my shit?!! Because else I will go back to Dutch... But Okay...Let me tell you about today. I still have some savings but I was kind of hoping to keep it in savings. But maybe I just have to go with the flow and enjoy myself instead;) I did anyways in Beijing, so no worries. And I still think I will be going to sleep in a while. It's so crazy to think in Holland you now will be having dinner. I am really far away. I miss Holland, NOT! I think I will miss it out here. Maybe try to find a job over here, or something crazy. Now first get my studie over with. I am looking forward to go on my placement(although I still have to write my plan again-straight after landing;) But I think I will manage. I liked the travelling alone. There was some ups and downs, but that s okay, I am not used to it, so I think I am coping just fine! I really liked the people I have met, I liked the food, I liked the way of life, but still don't like the picture taking...Maybe I will dye(paint) my hair if I get back...Now I am kidding. I only had my hair once braded, and now cutting! But I am thinking about it...But I am so afraid, because they sometimes don't understand you that well... After staying here for a while I think I want to learn some more Chinese. I think, with my background of around 5 languages I can get this one;) But that will take a lot of studying...Especially the signs.. I think I will stop now. I don't know more to tell you guys but I feel I told enough already... Except maybe... I have lost my phone yesterday evening, before going out;) I likely knew where so today I went back and GOT HIM BACK! I am such a lucky girl, aren't I? And the guy who got it back for me, he was nice, he has Hong Kong restaurant near the pearl tower! SO THANK YOU!! Well goodbye till next time... Babette
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