Lost in Shanghai

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Hello everyone! Well I am in Shanghai and a little lost anyways. Today I am going to do some culturule stuff and maybe shops again, but I have to be careful because I saw I haven't that much money anymore...I bouht you all to many gifts;) Tomorrow I am going to check out Hanyou..The paradise for the Chinese people. I am going with a tour guide and a bus takes me there. The computer is little slow here but I can go online easier than in Salintun in Beijing. I am now staying at Central Youth Hostel, Wuning Road...We have some shops around here and I found a backery so I had my first croissants after Beijing here:) And some home made cookies: so great... I went out here already 2 times. The first night was great; it was Tuesday and we went to a bar in the zone of the French Confession. I saw only western people and talked to a French Dokter and another quit guy and I left my raincoat. But I don't have to use that anymore because it will be sunny here:) I met some people in the Hostel and I went out with them. There is a Chinese American boy with them, Joost(his dad is Dutch) and Matthieu, an English guy. Also a lovely Chinese girl...I forget to make photos of here because she looked amazing lastnight. But back to the first night. I could dance in the French bar and I really liked it. They all wanted to leave becaus it was too small for them but the clubs were closing down when we arrived so that was shit. So I just sit down with Matt for a while at the hostel and went back to bed.. Last night we went to M2. A big club on floor 5 in Plazza 66. it was so crowded but I guess there was also a rapper there, which is famouos, but I am not into that shit, so sorry guys can't tell you his name. I sleep very well but I have the strangest dreams. Like everybody is looking at me. But it's okay, I can sleep, that s good! I don't want to go home, I am enjoying myself. Well be back in a while, KISSES BABETTE and keep up with reactions!!
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