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I am in love! In love with China, in love with travelling alone!
This blog will be in English already because of getting aquintance with some new friends over the world!
It's so great this travelling alone!
I can do whatever I want, speak what I want and just enjoy my journey. Tonight I am leaving for Shanghai but I will be missing Beijing!
Last night I went out. With Whitney, my roommate at Salintun.
It was so great!! I danced all night. I saw a lot of Chinese but also a few people who were white;)
The place was babyface banana. After a while they had some shows. LIke fake Michael Jackson peforming( a great sense of humor they have, don't they?) (YES, I have heard he died!) I wasn't impressed though, because I am on holiday!!
And also with firework and making fire with it...WOW!!
And the tables had scales with fruit...I hope the photos will be great!

Back to being white: I know am noticing to be a white person, everybody is staring at me and still are taking photos. Even when I just use a public transport bus! I don't like it, but I can understand. I want to be on pictures with CHinese when I have met!
I also went out friday night to have dinner with a Chinese couple. I did that with my new roommate called Christopher. Chris is so great! He is an american and he said he was having dinner and when I asked if I could join he said, YES! If you can make it in like 5 minutes! But I was already showered so it was no problem!! He teaches English in another town, it's 14 hours by train from here. That's when I ate my first roasted DUCK!! It was great, they put peaces in pancakes with cucumber and some thing like union. I really beginning to love the food!!
I already did the week before, but Jennifer, the Chinese, told me I was all glowing when I ate...
I will send them an email after putting this online...Now I can not forget to do that!
Speaking of food. I haven't eaten jet, because in our hostel you really have to pay big money for like crap food.
I want to get a good hostel in Shanghai, but I saw just now that there were some bad revieuws about the people working. So maybe I will change. Let you know hopefully.

Internet in Sanlintun is slow so I am back at King's Joy now, then up to the pearl market(for you mum) and to the antiques, so have to hurry or else it will be closed.
But it is still hot here, it s ten degrees hotter than in Holland! I am so jealous because I am swetting, have swets like all the time. But now I am not. Shanghai will be even hotter. So I gues I will be avoiding the sun, but maybe if I go to the beach I would like to be brown. But it s not the mean reason for travelling.
I really like this country and haven't been in any culture shock jet! The toilets are holes, but we have that in France too(another country I liked)
I went to the Summer palace by myself but it was hot, too many people..But I met Brimmen and that was cool. Again an American who teaches, but he teach is Japan.
Well I will leave you all know!
Back with great stories about Shanghai Nightlife I hope!

Bye for now,


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Heey Babe,

Good to hear from you. I'm glad you have a fab time there! Here in Holland everything is still the same. To busy to enjoy the good weather we finally have.. Enjoy overthere and keep me posted!


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Hey meid,

Was fijn om ff je stem weer te horen zeg!!
Tof dat je het zo naar je zin hebt in China zeg. Wou echt dat ik ook nog in Azie zat, dan was ik echt wel naar je toe gevlogen. Weet zeker dat we met z'n 2en een supertijd zouden hebben!
Wat zie ik al een pak gehaald? Al veel geshopt daar? En wat is tot nog toe het mooiste wat je gezien of gedaan hebt daar in China?
Ben net terug van mijn kleine nichtje, wat een heerlijk meisje zeg! Afgelopen vrijdag heb ik mijn bbq gehouden. Was echt supergezellig, er kwamen zelfs meer mensen dan verwacht. Waren met 25 man, maar wat een werk zeg!! En volgend jaar moet jij er ook gewoon bij zijn, want heb je zeker wel gemist. Nou meissie geniet nog even van je laatste weekkie. En life your dreams. Doe alles wat je wilt doen daar en zorg ervoor dat je alleen spijt krijgt van de dingen die je niet gedaan hebt. Oftewel gewoon DOEN!!!!

Veel liefs en een dikke knuffel

Wilma x X x


Door: travelbabe • Geplaatst op

Lieve mama,
Jij kan het wel lezen nu, maar ja mijn tantes niet meer denk ik..
Maar goed, leuk dat je steeds zo reageert en ik hoop dat Lillie nog wel kan blijven werken dan.
Ik ga nu ff snel verder maar ik denk wel aan je en ik denk dat je super trots op me kan zijn, want ik red me heel goed hier alleen en I AM ENJOYING the food very much.
Ik heb ook zin in Shanghai..
O ja! Ik heb inderdaad een nieuw pak, maar hij is een beetje shiny...Dus misschien nog iets anders in Shanghai...Maar ik vind het echt super om te doen... Foto's komen thuis want ik snap toch niet hoe ik dat hier moet doen!! Helaas.
O mam ik heb t zo naar mijn zin!
Ik moet echt vaker reizen merk ik!
En de mensen die ik tot nu toe ontmoet zijn alleen maar aardig voor me, ja behalve een vervelende amerikaan die me beetje irriteert(ene todd) maar ja daar ben ik dus ook bijna vanaf..
Hij gaf me ook paar goeie tips dus...

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