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Explore Beyond Rio Urubu Amazon Expedition

Explore Beyond Rio Urubu Amazon Expedition
Foto door : Explore-Beyond
The Amazon rainforest, also known as Amazonia, is one of the world's greatest natural resources. A place with an enormous diversity in flora and fauna, the Amazon is made for the true adventurer. It’s a region of great diversity, where adventurers can test their physical and mental boundaries. Ensconced in the beautiful Rio Urubú region, we will encounter, by boat and overland, some of the most astonishing animals and landscapes on earth. We hunt and fish to catch our nightly food provisions and sleep in hammocks. This is an experience that will leave you feeling reborn and fully enriched.

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03 jul 2009
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4 reactie(s) bij "Explore Beyond Rio Urubu Amazon Expedition"

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    Originele foto

    Door Jan-Petra • geplaatst op 2009-07-03 22:16:43
  • profile image comment

    Nice shoes

    Door Leeu • geplaatst op 2009-07-03 19:45:35
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    Vindt het wel apart. Doet me aan mijn eigen bergschoenen denken

    Door reysigers • geplaatst op 2009-07-03 19:28:02
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    orgineel. :-)

    Door Dragonfly • geplaatst op 2009-07-03 19:08:06

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