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Tsukiji Fish Market


As dawn breaks over Tokyo, Tsukiji fish market is already bustling with activity. Do not miss the Tuna auction, which begins at 5 every morning, A single tuna can sell for more than â?¬ 10,000. The lively tuna auction attracts many visitors, especially jet-lagged foreign tourists unable to sleep the morning after they arrive. The nearest subway station is Tsukiji on Hibiya Line. I think the first train should start running sometime around 5:30. Bring a good camera and comfortable footwear, and remember not to get in the way of the tradesmen. The following 3 sushi places in Tsukiji are open early (5-6am) and serve excellent fresh sushi & sashimi, you can try the weirdest delicious fish here: Sushidai, Sushibun and Daiwazushi. Expect a long line of people queuing to get in! Enjoy with a cold beer....and go back to your hotel for some more sleep!