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Noord Laagland -en kust Ecuador,

I have been asked over the past couple days how authentic are the Tsachilas, - obviously their life style has change since the time that Rein (pensionado) visited them in 1968. Their traditional life style of hunting and fishing has forcefully become less with the erosion of their lands and the pollution of the rivers. But the community is strong and the importance of educating not only their own children but people (tourist) in general in order in order to preserve their traditions and culture is well known by the elders. That is one of the reasons that they have opened their community to allow people (on a small scale, max 4 per night) to stay over night, its extra income for the community and preserves their dying culture. In the communes you will still see the Tsachilas dressed in traditional clothes but if you were to meet them in the town, their ''skirts"' are exchanged for denims and trainers and the youngsters have iphones.