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Downunder trip number 7 2010 deel 6

West Australië

Downunder trip number 7 2010 deel 6

Let’s see? What shall we do now? It’s time for some shopping at the Mall! Get some more VB and other stuff we really needed like Twisties etc. Had our photos put on CD so we could empty our memory cards we headed back to relax some more. Oeps before I forget we took the bus to the Mall, yep the Bus one thing I would normally not do but it was inexpensive and relatively a quick way to get around. Its nearly time to get down to Cable Beach for a Camel ride yep we did that as well. Loved the ride but hated the smell of them or was it Joyce we will never know! Crikey how time flies! Another day has passed us by.

Okay you the reader should know by now what we do in the morning ! called a taxi to take us to “The Malcom Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park”, just 16 km outside of Broome. Our taxi driver complained that it was quite a long drive and he usually never drives that far! Great park if you like crocs but there wasn’t much else to see a couple of very sad looking dingo’s and the obligatory kangaroo’s there, but I must be honest I/we loved the crocs so many and really, really large ones as well “bloody amazing”.

Only one problem with the park nowhere to get a cuppa ! Okay now we have to leave the park because it is closing time so a another couple of photos at the entrance of the park and wait for our taxi! Which was supposed to pick us up at 16:30 but noooo ! taxi okay everyone can run into some trouble or be a bit late so we wait and wait still no taxi.

Park is closed and no soul to be found to phone for a taxi. I can hear you thinking call one with your cell! But I tried just no reception here in the Outback. It’s 17:30 and the sun is going down so we are really getting worried, the d.ckhead forgot about us the bastard. And getting a lift is no option. Imagine getting a lift from a cross between a hairy retarded aussie and a serial killer driving a worn out pickup! No thanks . It has come up to 18:00 and yep we can see a taxi in the distance coming our way is this for us? Yep it’s our taxi that has finally arrived. The driver starts by making his apologies and that there was some miscommunication yeh right and I am a rock star on tour!!

I could tell you about what we did when we got back but I think you should know that by now and if you don’t then you haven’t read everything.
How time flies! it’s our last day in Broome so what shall we do? Some more shopping but this time we check out Broome’s city centre ha ! ha ! ha ! city my foot. Nice little shops and cafés and Sun Pictures building the oldest Picture theatre in Australia built by the Yamsaki family in 1909. Time to get back to our room and start packing and head off to Kununarra by air.

Kununurra is at the heart of Western Australia's magnificent Kimberley region, which offers some beautiful and unique wilderness experiences. But don’t go there for anything else. I actually got invited to come and have some drinks with an Abo thanks but no thanks this bloke was just too friendly.
Oeps there I go again I am supposed to tell you the reader about our hotel and the tours we took part in. Okay the Kimberley Grand not a bad hotel but compared to our place in Broome it was just another hotel with a swimming pool and a very quiet bar in the evening. Great pool but no shade great if you want a tan 35 degrees and upwards! or with my skin a free experience in natural peeling ( sunburn with blisters). No thank you.

Our first tour was the Lake Argyle / Ord Valley tour we started the tour by bus through Durack Country to get to the Jetty for the second part of tour and stopped on route at the Durack Homestead for a insight into the life of the Duracks. The Duracks came over from Ireland in 1853 and started their cattle empire Queensland and up to the Kimberleys. Making another stop on route to buy some drinks and something to eat and also to the lookout to get an impression of how large Lake Argyle really is. Lake Argyle covers an area 18 times the size of Sydney harbor, 1000 km2. At full flood level that area increases to 2100 km2! It seems more like a inland sea than a lake. People have actually lost themselves while sailing on the Lake thats how big it is.

Finally after having a break for coffee, tea or a well earned smoke of we go to the jetty for the boat ride back. And quite a ride it was and the sights to many to mention crikey that lake is awesome. But to my dismay not much wildlife, just a couple of croc’s, flying foxes and birds nothing really out of the ordinary, but I have been spoiled over the years but nature no complaints there. After about an hour or so a stop to have a cuppa and some scones then back to the water for some high speed fun and heading for home after enjoying a bloody beautiful sunset on the lake.


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