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Downunder trip number 7 2010 Deel 2:

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Deel 2:

So after about 10 hours in the air we arrive at Kingsford Smith airport Sydney, jump into my awaiting wheelchair and watch the unlucky ones wait to be processed by Customs it took us about 10 minutes to get out of there to our awaiting driver, I mean chauffeur , I just love doing this kind of thing having someone waiting for you at the Airport when you arrive, someone like John great bloke took care of luggage and all other hassle out of getting to the hotel, no way I am getting on a shuttle bus again, the last time we did that we got dropped off last, it took the best part of two hours to get there when it is actually just a twenty minute drive.

Now back to the hotel it is the Vibe Sydney on Goulburn Street, lovely big room asked for a twin got a double! I will never understand how hotels get a reservation wrong, they ask what kind of room you would like when you make a reservation but they seem to never get it right!!

So finally after a refreshing shower of to discover the City of Sydney we had walked about 50 meters and we both needed a cappuccino or two to get our caffeine levels up so we could do some more walking and of course a cigarette or two, one thing I have noticed over the years they don’t like smokers anymore! You can buy them and they cost a packet down here! But don’t dare smoke them because you are treated like a junky murderer , but you can drink until your legless, puke all over the place not a problem but smoking ooeehhhhh don’t do that you filthy junky bastard!!

After our cappuccinos of to look for a hairdresser my hair especially my fringe was driving me up the wall, talk about looking like a shaggy dog !! So we finally found one and made an appointment so we waited at a coffee bar up the street for an hour and we went back so that I could be tortured! I know that hair doesn’t have nerves but mine do! So after having my hair washed and scalp massaged by a quite likeable individual she took me with her to my hairdresser a lovely girl by the name of Nicole, and all this time my sister was having a laugh at my predicament the! so after about a half an hour of slicing, dicing, cutting and blow drying half a can of hairspray 2 ounces of wax my hair had a very modern style to it, Nicole told me to pull my hair back after washing it and it would stay in place!

What a load of bullsh.t that was, it probably would with a can of hairspray in it, all I was now was a shaggy dog with a bad haircut, but I still had/have lovely hair even if I do say myself!!
Back to the hotel for dinner half a satchel of cup of soup, salt and vinegar chips ( Smiths ) of course and a bottle of VB ( Victoria Bitter ) the nectar of the gods!

After a good night’s rest and a cup of coffee for breakfast we went downstairs to wait for our tour pickup and have another cappuccino. There he is right on time! After our introductions it turned out that David was half frog half Australian and he was born in Williamstown too !!!! Oeps I should mention that I am half Dutch and half Australian too and I was also born in Williamstown, imagine that two Willy boys in the same van!! So off went to fetch our other travel companions for a tour of the Blue Mountains.

First stop at the Muru Mittigar Cultural Centre for morning tea and an introduction to Aboriginal weapons, so exciting so boring! The Abo that did the introduction didn’t really seem to interest him very much and I could have used some subtitles crikey you couldn’t understand the bloke! Thank heavens it was only for 30 minutes, and then the introduction into Australian plant life what a laugh that was just bottlebrush and some other rather dead looking bushes, finally time for morning tea with Wattle seed Pikelets, fresh Damper and native jams. After saying our goodbyes “Goodbye “, not coming here again!

Off we go for a drive to view several lookouts throughout the day, giving us fabulous views of the Jamieson, Grose and Megalong Valleys, the Three Sisters and Echo Point. But no such luck low hanging clouds spoilt the view which was a shame. So by now it is nearly time for lunch at the Megalong Tearooms. The Valley is a great place to really get away from the crowds, as we dine in a cozy cafe overlooking the pastures of the Megalong Valley.
I would have liked to sit outside but the group wanted to sit indoors because it was just a bit too cold for them and they didn’t like the rain either. After an hour or so we left and right on time as well a tour bus full of Blue and Pink rinses with their husbands, they can be such a pain sometimes like taking forever in the toilet etc:

After arriving at the stunning ancient volcanic grounds at Euroka Clearing, where there are gray kangaroos, birds such as the Kookaburra and other wildlife, was my feeling of Déjà vu and yes I thought I had been here before. It was in 2005 with my next door neighbor Jaap, didn’t tell my sister though because I don’t like Sydney and this day tour was one way of staying out of the city for a whole day and all that for just $ 25,- per person.

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Skyline Singapore
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Vroeger werd hier door kinderen in het water gedoken, dat mag niet meer daarom zijn deze beelden geplaatst ter herinnering.
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Megalong Teahouse
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View from the teahouse
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Door: Chantal88 • Geplaatst op

Haha heel leuk geschreven Fred! Maar jij kan toch prima lopen? ;)


Door: EvanderHel • Geplaatst op

Aha, ik dacht dat ze in Amerika zo anti roken zijn maar in Australië dus kennelijk ook... aan mij heb je een slechte want ik rook zelf niet, nooit gedaan ook.
Leuk om jullie zo te volgen, zelfs tot aan de kapper aan toe! En als je haar maar goed zit dan kun je alles aan... zelfs Sydney, haha ;-)

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