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Salmon catch

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This picture was taken in a place called Stewart Hyder in Alaska.
It is called the Alaska fish creek, the salmon lay their eggs here and after long journey the back here to die, very sad really the bears know this and they just come out and wait for the return of the salmon.

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    Door Kburgers1• geplaatst op 26 Aug 2018 | 16:25:39

    Nice picture

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    Door Mireille• geplaatst op 05 Feb 2008 | 16:42:26

    Caught in time! great for you!

    Bericht aangepast op 06:20:07
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    Door Erictkindt• geplaatst op 03 Feb 2008 | 08:18:24

    super picture of real nature

    Bericht aangepast op 06:20:06