Beste reistijd



Not to be misunderstood


cave diving, who doesn't dream of it.
But a dream can end in a nightmare, this sign in the cenote Tak Bi Ha is clear.
We Maya call them Xibalba, the underworld, the realm of the dead.
Have you decided for Cenote diving, first follow intensive training for cave diving, diving school Xibalba in Tulum or others. Even though you are already an experienced ocean diver, Cenote diving is completely different, training is not a luxury. After your training first do a few light trips, never dive alone, at least three and one man / woman on the dry, who can give an alarm.
Go past the warning sign, only with an experienced guide. Never go without a lifeline and never lose sight of it, with swirled mud that is your only rescue to the exit. Have fun exploring the underworld but keep it safe.