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Just the shadow of a windmill against the blue skys... Holland might be home but it holds many adventures and beauty for many travellers!

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15 Apr 2008
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    Hi Shireen, I really enjoy your vision of Holland! Beautiful use of light and shadow and the icons of this country. Should remind us of the beauty around us. Thanks also for your reaction to my pictures. Kind regards, Giedo

    Door Giedo • geplaatst op 2008-04-15 20:08:25
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    Hi Shireen I only wanna say, i'ts a very , very nice picture ! ! Gr, Joop

    Door Joop Zand • geplaatst op 2008-04-15 17:51:20
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    Very nice Shireen, I love it the way you make the simlpe dutch things..into realy nice pictures..i can see you realy love Holland..Nice to see 4*

    Door sunshine78 • geplaatst op 2008-04-15 17:45:27

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