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Collecting memories, van mijn originele blog (mostly english). Over hoe ik reizen beleef en er insta.

It is almost time, time to close the door behind me. Only once I take a glance, by looking back over my shoulder, smiling. It is time.

I left all my belongings behind, an empty backpack. All the memories, all the worries, all the concerns, all the artefacts that help me remind the good and bad things in life. All these remain at home, in the past, behind that locked door.

With a clear mind, and an empty bag I am on my way. On my way to new experiences, adventures. Open to all the new impressions, thoughts. I will take the time to experience, the people, their habits and culture. Being amazed by the wonders, of nature, or built by mankind.

The speedway, people at home call life, seems a million decades away. Living by the moment, grasping each day. Taking it easy, relaxing, feeling the spirit of life come to me. This is life, the real life, pure!

In time, my backpack gets filled again, with impressions, items, thoughts and inspiration. My mind becomes newer everyday, due to the experiences, the amazing people on the road. Their passion, their dreams. Day after day, I am collecting memories, memories for life.

Life has so much to offer, more than you and I can comprehend. The only thing we are able to do, experience life, with an open mind and attitude. Only when one is open for new impressions, other cultures, habits, only then one can truly grow in life.

My backpack is empty. On my way to destiny I will be collecting memories.

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Door: Jan-Petra • Geplaatst op

Wat heb je dit prachtig geschreven!!


Door: zeester • Geplaatst op

Mooi geschreven en je hebt helemaal gelijk.
Zoals ik al eerder schreef ; ik vind dat er moed voor nodig is, om als je al gesetteld bent die beslissing te nemen. Hope you will collect a lot off memories in your backpack

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