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Leaning Tower of Pisa


On a brief visit to Italy we could not miss the world know Leaning Tower of Pisa

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3 reactie(s) bij "Leaning Tower of Pisa"

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    Door Manuela• geplaatst op 09 Aug 2008 | 19:36:24

    it almost looks straight
    nice viewpoint

    Bericht aangepast op 12:18:04
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    Door Lione Kolsteren• geplaatst op 05 Apr 2008 | 20:48:19

    Very well done! 4*

    Bericht aangepast op 06:21:15
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    Door Bergwerk• geplaatst op 05 Apr 2008 | 19:56:47

    Nice picture of this famous tower. Good details and good crop.
    Did you also found it a bit disappointing to see the tower in reality?
    Regards, Ruud

    Bericht aangepast op 06:21:15