Ha Long Bay


Beste reistijd



Ploegen is ploegen

Ha Long Bay,

Op het eiland Cat Ba gaan we (dit is al in 1999) ook het achterland verkennen. Het boerenleven.
Enorm groene velden die nu gaan wijken voor weer nieuwe aanwas.

Vond een leuk stukje over de waterbuffel op een engelstalige website
Water Buffaloes helped build a nation
Mankind learned early that water buffaloes are gentle and tame, and as such have been domesticating them for over 5,000 years. They have not only been a source of food for people, but also a source of power – a great asset in plowing the fields and transporting people and crops. Because of this, the animals came to be known as ‘tractors of the East’. For poor farmers in Vietnam, water buffaloes are extremely valuable and respected — often treated as members of the family. A saying goes: ‘The husband ploughs, the wife sows, water buffaloes draw the rake and are friends of the children.’