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The art of Rattan

The art of Rattan (gemaakt in Rakhine)
Door: Everlasting
Rattan grows in a long slender stem, The first step in the rattan product development process is harvesting. This is labor-intensive and is typically carried out by teams of villagers.
Once the rattan has been harvested, it has to be prepared before it can be used in weaving. The first step is to wash the rattan to remove any stains and clean the product, stripping away the layer of silica that tends to coat the core rattan.

The next step is to cure the rattan, turning its color from a pale green into the yellow that most people are familiar with by smoking it. The raw, washed rattan is loaded into what looks like a wood-framed tent that has its floor about a foot off the ground. Many “bushels” of raw rattan are piled on top of one another until the wooden frame is full. The frame is then covered with tarpaulin, which is secured to the ground using stone weights. The charcoal is ignited and placed under the tent, and the smoking process begins.
After curing, the rattan has to be dried to remove excess moisture and make the product suitable for use.
After drying, the rattan is ready for use,.weaving, or core products that are flexible and can be used used for binding to create the baskets, walls, fences, hats etc.

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  • Geplaatst op 22 jul 2009
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leuke foto! mooi om te zien hoe geconcentreerd hij bezig is!

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