Engelstalig Travelreport over Kirgizië

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The Unknown Land of your Senses How can one describe an 'unknown land’? Would it be a small landlocked country with a continental climate and ranges stretching above 5000 meters? Would it encompass one of the largest mountain lakes in the world? Would it contain a colorful and multicultural nation speaking primarily Russian? Should you want to discover its nature and hospitality; this 'unknown land' is Kyrgyzstan. Upon arrival at the exceptionally clean Manas International Airport one cannot help but to notice the obvious presence of the US Airforce in this Central Asian country. Having one of the most liberal visa policies in his continent, EU citizens may purchase a month valid tourist visa for $70,-. The Kyrgyz will greet you as a Central Asian tribe proud of their nomadic heritage. The portable wooden crown of the YURT (Kyrgyz tent made of animal-hide) showcases the red background of this former Soviet Republic states flag, displayed around every corner. Kyrgyzstan has approximately 5 million inhabitants, one fifth of which residing in the capital city of Bishkek. With a heterogeneous population consisting of not only many Russians but also Turks, Uzbeks and Tajik and some expats, Bishkek is a cosmopolitan village. A colorful blend at the heart of Asia that witnesses Soviet styled buildings and infrastructure combined with the commercial presence of the Middle Easterners set against the picture perfect summits of eternal snow covering the Tien-Shan mountain range where the kind Kyrgyz people have lived as nomads for centuries. After 3 decades of independence the Kyrgyz are trying to forget the plus 100 years Soviet rule, though Russian language and Cyrillic alphabet are to be found everywhere in everyday life! This foreign influence is gradually being replaced with another; a Turkish stronghold in fields of education and commerce. Yet, considering Kyrgyzstan and Turkey being two of the six Turkic countries which share same historical and ethnic, lingual background, those close ties are to be expected and welcomed. For example the joint-venture established as The Kyrgyz-Turkish University in Bishkek as well as branches of Turkish banks and shopping centers such as Vefa and Beta. With this said; cultural diversity in Kyrgyzstan is best represented in the cuisine which support Russian Pliven as well as Bline, Uzbek Lagman, Turkish Kofte and Pide and of course native Beshbarmak. The name of the latter dish reflects the manner in which it should be eaten; with 'five fingers'. The best time to visit this country is before October and after April because the snow simply does not melt during this period. The image of Bishkeks streets are then all white and grey when one wanders to major squares such as the very symmetrically built Philharmonic, the eternal flame under the Yurt of the Freedom square or the most popular one; Ala-Too, to visit Manas; the Kyrgyz national epic hero and father of all Kyrgyz. Whether you wish to remain in the city or explore nature, Kyrgyzstan will satisfy all senses; at the hotsprings of Tyoplye Klyuchi, the National park of Ala Archa or while discovering wonders at Issyk Kul. This lake, situated on the ancient silk route has one of the most enchanting sights of Asia. My personal idea of the best way of discovering this mysterious country however, is by taking a stroll through the Osh bazaar; the epicenter of life in Kyrgyzstan where all colors and flavors of the land come together! There, Kyrgyz motives embroiled in silk will caress the heart of any visitor. Back in your own hometown listening to Komus tunes wearing a Kalpak, you mesmerize. Finally Manas can smile overlooking the majestic mountaintops of his now discovered; 'Unknown Land'.

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Mother and child at Osh Bazar with husband peeking in the back
Ala Archa National Park
Osh Bazar Salesman
Ala-Too square with statue of Manas in front of the Kyrghyz National Museum
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