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Lovely people, YESTERDAY I MET A GIRL She told me she had some problems with her time managing. Finding it hard to enter some ‘alone time’ in her daily routine. She always made sure someone would join her, especially those outdoor activities. You know what I mean. She told me she thought that whenever she wouldn’t be in the company of others, she’d probably feel uncomfortable. She felt as if that thought, that way of time managing she’s been doing for years now, is holding her back in her life and her self-development. IT MADE ME THINK ABOUT THIS TOPIC Although I can enjoy the company of other people, I really appreciate my alone time. For me it is a must. I think it’s comforting and healing to have a break from listening, talking and suiting others. It gives me time to think, recover and usually new ideas are born when I’m by myself. So, that’s why I started writing this article, because in my opinion it is such an important, yet not often mentioned aspect of life. “People make this error, thinking that being alone means being lonely, and not being alone means being with other people. But you need to be able to recharge on your own. Part of being able to connect, is being available to other people, and no one can do that without a break.” John Cacioppo, University of Chicago – If you recognize yourself (a little bit) in this story, you might want to gain a little confidence and independence here. By being able to walk out the door to see a movie in the cinema without thinking you’re a desperate person. Because you obviously are not
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