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Georgie waar veel te ontdekken is, deel 2

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Georgië, waar nog heel veel te ontdekken is ook voor sportieve mensen. deel 2
Tusheti Protected Area one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia, is located in the eastern Caucasus. Tusheti is bordered by Dagestan to the east and by Chechnya – to the north. Khevsureti is located to the west of Tusheti and Kakheti – to the south. Tusheti, surrounded by the high mountain ranges and summits, is rugged by the numerous gorges, the waters from which flow into the two major rivers of Tusheti – Pirikiti’s Alazani and Tusheti’s (Gometsari) Alazani separated with the watershed of Makratela, etc

Vashlovani Protected Areas are located in the extreme eastern part of Georgia, in the Dedoplistskaro district. It consists of Vashlovani Strict Nature Reserve, Vashlovani National Park and Natural Monuments as follows: “Eagle Gorge”, “Takhti-Tepa mud volcanoes”, “Juma Bay” and “Alazani Floodplains”, total area of which is about24924 ha. Vashlovani Protected Areas were opened in 2003, etc.
No country in Europe possesses such rich flora and fauna as Georgia, nor such a diversity of landscape preserved so close to its original state and in such a small area." (Prof. Michael Succow, from the World Wide Fund for Nature). Eco-Tourism - Geology - Animals - Bird watching - Flowers - etc.
Region Adjara is a picturesque region in Georgia located in the South-West of the country. Its 121 kilometer long border runs from the subtropical coast of the Black Sea through highlands and borders Turkey in the south. Ajara is a historic region in Georgia and has been inhabited since the times of the Neolithic Stone Age, etc. More regions such as : Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Inner Katrli, Samtskhe- Javakheti, Imereti, Kakheti, Sighnaghi, Telavi, Racha , Lechkuhumi, Svaneti, Samegrelo, Guria, Tblisi, etc.
Walking and Trekking For mountain-walking through unspoilt landscape, it is safe to say Europe has no better venue than Georgia. Not only are our mountains the highest, they are the least developed and, we would say proudly, the most beautiful. Furthermore directions are rarely a problem as our hillsides are crisscrossed by numerous pathways - maintained over the centuries by locals dedicated to looking after their cattle, etc
Horse Riding Just about anywhere you can walk in Georgia, you can ride - and many other places besides. Canter across the high plateau of southern Georgia; step admiringly over the high passes in Khevsureti or Tusheti and camp in the remotest, most idyllic of places; trek unburdened by luggage through wooded valleys to hot springs; ride along spectacular ridges looking out at snowy peaks and glaciers… Georgia has it all.

.Mountaineering With some of the highest and most spectacular peaks in Europe - twelve are higher than Mt Blanc - the Caucasus are drawing more and more climbers, and at every grade. From the breathtaking flanks of Mt Ushba (4710m), which offers some of the most technical routes in Europe, to the majestic white pyramid of Mt Tetnuldi (4974 metres) Georgia is veritable climber’s haven. Go for gold and take on the full 5033 metres of Mt Kazbek; or rock-climb the easier and elegant Chaukhi mountain nearby. For the very serious there is always Svaneti and Georgia’s highest mountain, Mt Shkhara (5068 metres); but be prepared to know when you’re beaten!

Mountain Biking With so many fabulous mountains and well established paths, Georgia is a perfect venue for the mountain bike, and at every level of accomplishment. Race along high ridges or amble down elegant valleys; the choice is limitless.

Caving and canyoning. Long known for its caves - at Tsalktubo, the Kalichona grotto and Sataplia - Georgia is a gift for the caver, especially those wishing to break new ground. The sport of canyoning is new in Georgia - but a couple of routes have just been charted with numerous others waiting to be found.

Paragliding Georgia offers great opportunity for paragliding. As a nation of high cliffs, hot sun, and icy peaks, the opportunities to catch a thermal second to none. However only a few venues have been explored so far, so a lot of exciting pioneer-work awaits the paragliding enthusiast

4x4 Adventure The 4x4 vehicle opens up the full beauty and drama of Georgia like no other. With a relatively low mileage between completely contrasting landscapes - deserts, sea coast, subtropics, tea plantations, high mountains – the selection of adventures flashing past the open-windows are an inspiration to every member of the family.

Bird Watching With its 360 species of birds set in an area the size of Ireland, Georgia is a bird-watcher’s dream. Principal migration routes through the high Caucasus passes and along the Black Sea corridor provide superb viewing opportunities, and in stunning settings. Bird watching is a relatively new phenomenon in the Caucasus, so the visitor not only sees some fabulous birds but also helps break new ground.

Ik vind Georgie een geweldige uitdaging, meer dan de moeite waar om te bezoeken.

Fred Vorstenbosch 16.10.2009

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