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Impressive mountains in Afghanistan.

Impressive mountains in Afghanistan.
Foto door : jvl
On long flights (to Indonesia on this occasion) I always make sure to get a window-seat. Most of the time it is just to repress the urge to see the country I'm visiting but this time it was different. I was quite bored at the moment and was just looking out of my window when all of a sudden it looked like the plane dropped 3-5 kilometers towards the earth although I hadn't felt a thing. It was actually the other way around. The earth had moved 3-5 kilometers towards our plane. Where I, at first, could only identify large lakes and mountains within the landscape I could now see the different houses and even cars on the roads.

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10 Jul 2014
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    mooie foto

    Door reizendebeer • geplaatst op 2014-07-10 15:12:45
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    Mooi zo van boven

    Door vulture1960 • geplaatst op 2014-07-10 15:03:51

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