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A kind of Green Star Laser Pointer 10mW

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Many autonomous cars use LIDAR — a kind of Green Star Laser Pointer 10mW -based radar — to sense the world around them. But now a researcher has developed a simple system that can fool the devices into seeing objects where really none exist. Spectrum reports that Jonathan Petit, from Security Innovation, has developed a system to send spurious signals toward the LIDAR sensors used in self-driving cars. Consisting of a low-power 200mw Laser Pointer Green and a pulse generator, powered by a Raspberry Pi or Arduino, the kit can cost as little as $60 t0 make. So i think,they most cetainly do. Any average laser has a numerical apetrure large enough that the spot will be pretty large over a few hundred meters. As already mentioned, green 100mw laser pointer have been used to ‘blind’ pilots at approach. Lasers that truly keep their spot size over large distances are expensive. Authorities say two people have been arrested after a 50mw Laser Pointer Pen was allegedly pointed at a Los Angeles County sheriff's helicopter during a training exercise. Sheriff's officials say the incident occurred Tuesday night in Agoura Hills. The flight crew notified patrol deputies that a Cat Chasing Laser Pointer had been pointed at the helicopter from the ground. Deputies were directed to a home, where they arrested 31-year-old Christopher Cooper and 33-year-old Tanjelina Meredith on suspicion of discharging a laser at an aircraft, a felony. It wasn't immediately known if the suspects have lawyers. The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that since 2010, the department's aircraft have been struck by lasers 35 times — including six incidents this year. Sheriff's officials say arrests have been made in about two dozen cases.
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