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Kibera slums


Kibera is a neighbourhood and province division of Nairobi, Kenya. It is the largest of Nairobi's slums, and the second largest urban slum in Africa, with a population estimated at between 600,000 and 1.2 million inhabitants, depending on the season. The slum is located roughly 5 kilometres (3 miles) southwest of the city centre of Nairobi. Encompassing an area of 2.5 square kilometres (0.965 square miles), Kibera accounts for less than 1% of Nairobi's total area, but holds more than a quarter of its population. Life in this slum is hard but the people living in the small and narrow streets are just beautiful...

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    Door Everlasting• geplaatst op 03 Mar 2010 | 20:49:44

    good information and a well chosen low POV

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    Door Leonvanmaenen• geplaatst op 07 Mar 2010 | 12:48:28

    Wow, beautiful. Special perspective

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