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Wednesday was coming closer and closer.......the Nullarbor with the Nularbor exciting!! 10 days , nearly 4000 km to go.....and it was AWESOME!!! Yes a lot of driving, but with the right people, the right guide and the right atmosphere in the bus ( play lots of games!!!) it s not a problem! We had a great group and everybody loved the tour. We did amazing things, saw and experienced amazing first day we had a camel ride, we stayed in the middle of nowhere, saw the sunset above a saltlake next to the campsite, day 2 swimming/playing with sealions AND eye in eye with dolphins, surfinglesson, wombats!, great campsites ( kangaroos just hopped around on one, at the other there was a spooky old homestead and a car cemetary) , amaaaazing blue water, fabulous bays , walks and I can go on and on. People, if you ever go there, go on this tour. It s definetely about experiencing Australia, red dirt, gazing at the starfilled sky. It was an experience never to forget, so such a good choice for my last weeks in Australia. I am very happy I did it! But....the end of my whole trip is coming closer and closer.......just a couple of days in Perth to go. So nice quite some tour mates were staying in Perth as well for a couple of days, whoohooo!!! That meant drinking and some dancing ( in the Shed). My last day in Perth ( the first day we were there we HAD to do some shopping of course....ow yeah I forgot to mention. I managed to ruin another, yep my pink!! camera, so I had to go shopping for another one of course and guess what. This one is, if this is possible, even pinker!) we went to Rottnest Island. This is my third time in Perth and still havent been there, so it was a must! And it was def worth going, we all fell in love with the tiny animals on the island, the quakas! Damn cute!! :). We biked around the island, what we could def feel afterwards....aaauuw!! but we had a good time and some very nice piccies again.. But ......THIS IS IT!! it was such a good time.....yeah def ups and downs sometimes but I think I became a much wiser person again. Thanks everyone for all the lovely messages and for reading my Blog! I enjoyed the writing very much. Hope to see you all soon. Much easier now, not 1000 s of km away anymore. Sitting at my moms table at this moment....unreal isn t it. Folks, cheers and we ll def meet again!!! And...last but not least. Australia I ll be BACK!! :)
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