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Uit de doorn groeit de bloem

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Where was Scott McKenzie when he wrote ’If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair.’ Was he laying in a park in Haight Ashbury, did he hang, totally stoned, somewhere in Amsterdam, or was he perhaps sitting on the pavement in The Mission District? The Mission District is, put in the words of director Peter Bratt of the movie La Mission, A thorn from which a flower emerges. Rough and spiky but alive and oh so colorful. The Mission is where once upon a time a Spanish priest sowed the seed of what would become San Francisco. Though The Mission is where the city was established, it blossomed in other parts. But the flower children have grown up, flower power exchanged for the color of money. Haight Ashbury has become a golden cage filled with idealistic memories and gradually the city turns into a place you need to be able to afford...... ....lees en kijk verder op

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    Een blog dat evengoed een tip had kunnen zijn (het is natuurlijk beide). Prima blog/tip, goed om te onthouden!

    Door Lione Kolsteren • geplaatst op 2011-10-20 18:42:26

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